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About Ben Munford

Author of End Organized Religion

My name is Ben Munford. After 4 years in the Marine Corps, a 4-year college degree, an MBA, and 10 years in private business, I decided to make a career change. For all of that ten years in private business, I was a Baptist Christian. In making a career change, I decided to become a Baptist pastor. From 2001 through 2005, I earned my Master of Divinity, the Master's degree from Baptist Theological Seminary in Richmond, Virginia. In 2004, I entered my 1st church as pastor, which doubled as internship for seminary. In total, I was pastor of 2 small Baptist churches for five and a half years. Both churches were in the Richmond area.

Ben Munford, Author of 'End Organized Religion'

I sacrificed my finances and career to become a full-time pastor, but after five and a half years, I could not overcome the fighting in my churches. I still had my faith, but was worn out. A large minority in my second church wanted to go a different direction. I resigned at the end of 2010. With a background of fighting and dissension, I had very limited church career prospects.

However, that didn't matter within a year of leaving my last church, because my faith reached an ethical crossroads that was also an ethical crisis. I could no longer preach or believe in a God of love, who required human sacrifice for entry to heaven and who burned people forever if they refused faith in that sacrifice. In short, over the year 2011, my Christian faith life collapsed. What I thought was a building with strong foundation turned out to be a house of cards. The wind of truthful spiritual experience blew against the walls of my faith building, and it collapsed without much resistance.

The God I know is big enough to love and forgive without human sacrifice and threats of eternal burning. The God I know doesn't need the primitive beliefs, wasted energy, exclusive prejudice, forced conformity, and incredible violence that come from organized religion. The God I know does not need any of that to be present with us and to occasionally guide us.

I can't force organized religion on God any more. I can't do that to my fellow human beings any more. I wrote "End Organized Religion" to reveal the truth about God and organized religion. Further, I wrote this book to offer individual relationships with God and giving help to other humans, as alternatives to organized religion.

Timeline: Ben Munford

  • Born Jan. 4, 1963
  • 13 years in St. Christopher's Episcopal School, 1968-81
  • 4 years, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1981-84, 1989, BA English
  • 4 years, USMC Active Duty Enlisted, 1984-88, Honorable Discharge
  • 2 years, Michigan State University, E Lansing, 1989-1991, MBA Marketing
  • 10 years private business, 1991-2001, with 7 years Automotive
  • 2 years, Mercer County Community College, NJ, 1996-98 , AS Auto Tech
  • 20 years Christianity, Baptist, 1990-2010.
  • 4 years, Baptist Theological Seminary, Richmond, VA, 2001-2005, Master of Divinity
  • 3 years, Substitute Preacher, 2001-2004
  • 5.5 years, Pastor 2 Baptist churches, 2004-05, 2006-2010
  • 3 years, private business, 2011-present

A Note: I wrote End Organized Religion and I wrote everything on this website, although I gratefully acknowledge Cindy Black as the site designer/builder. I have been on other authors' websites. It's obvious that they wrote the site content, yet they refer to themselves in the 3rd person, as if someone else was writing the content of their websites. I believe that America has gotten weak in the area of taking personal responsibility. About passing the buck, Harry Truman had a desk plaque that said, "The buck stops here." I like Harry's principle. I take full responsibility for this website and what's on it, so I write in the 1st person. I wrote my book the same way. The book calls for you to take personal responsibility for creating your own spiritual beliefs, regardless of whether they end up being the same as mine. After reading my book, I hope you'll create your own spiritual belief system. As far as taking responsibility for it, I hope you'll point to yourself and say something like, "The buck stops here."