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  • I believe and write that God exists, but that creation/nature is the main way to determine God's true character. Human beings are part of creation/nature, so understanding of God can be gained through understanding of humans.

  • I believe and write that evolution is real, but God’s creative power is behind evolution and operates through evolution.

  • I believe and write that beliefs about the spiritual should be an individual activity. Human beings do not need organized religion. It obstructs individual thought about God and individual relationship with God by primitive beliefs, prejudice, exclusivism, threats of violence, and actual violence.

  • I believe and write that the group activity of organized religion should be replaced with the group activity of giving help to other humans. In the book, I explore giving of financial help, but spend much more time exploring non-financial help.

  • I believe and write that giving help to family is the highest priority of love, then friends, then strangers, then God. Human beings can prioritize love based on amount of responsibility demonstrated in the design of our species.

  • I believe and write that shedding the weight of organized religion is important for human civilization to rise to the next highest level because religion creates division, while loving help creates unity. Through unity in helping each other, human beings can finally overcome violence and economic disparity, such that humans can focus on long-term work to keep our planet habitable for humans and other species of nature.

I understand that these are short spiritual answers, but the book is 285 pages. I hope my short answers inspire you to read my full spiritual answers in the book and then to develop your own spiritual answers. After that, you can develop your own spiritual plan of action.

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"End Organized Religion"
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